Stop Payment Notices Simplified
(Stop Payment Notices Simplified)

Stop Payment Notices Simplified
Presented by Milene C. Apanian, Esq.

Learn everything you’d ever need to know about Stop Payment Notices including requirements, what to include in the Stop Payment Notice, when and how to serve it, deadlines for filing lawsuits and common mistakes related to Stop Payment Notices. You’ll also discover the Preliminary 20 Day Notice requirements, and compare and contrast Stop Payment Notices with Mechanics liens.

Course Objectives:
• Understand the Preliminary 20-day Notice process in simplified terms,
• Learn how to make Stop Payment Notices valid and enforceable,
• Identify time limits and deadlines for serving Stop Payment Notices,
• Identify time limits and deadlines for filing lawsuits to enforce Stop Payment Notices, and
• Understand legal technicalities which make Stop Payment Notices unenforceable and how to avoid them.

Cost: $79.00