CA Mechanic's Lien Laws Simplified
(CA Mechanic's Lien Law Simplified)

CA Mechanic's Lien Laws Simplified
Presented by Milene Apanian, Esq., Law Offices of Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman

This webinar will explain and simplify the California mechanic's lien laws, and help you get paid by making your mechanic's liens valid and enforceable.

Participants will learn about common mistakes related to mechanic's liens and how to avoid them.

Learning Objectives:
. Understand the mechanic's lien procedural requirements, including Preliminary 20-Day Notices
. Hear about the new forms and how to comply with the new laws
. Learn how to make your mechanic's liens collectible
. Identify time limits and deadlines for recording mechanic's liens and filing mechanic's lien lawsuits
. Find out about new court rulings discussing preliminary notices

Cost: $79.00